Reasons to buy a white gold engagement ring

The first white gold jewelry appeared in the 1920s as an alternative to expensive platinum jewelry. Today, they have become so popular that they account for up to 50% of total jewelry sales. The wave of increased demand for engagement rings made of this metal, which began back in 2010, has not subsided to this day. Do you want to know why brides choose white gold engagement rings?

White is a great color for an engagement ring

Every season designers present new color palettes and only white from year to year stays out of competition. It either plays the role of a small, but important accent or becomes the main shade, a background for bright colored details. So if you buy a wedding ring in white gold, it will always be easy to fit into fashion trends.

When choosing a wedding dress, pay attention to the matching color of the decorative elements and the wedding ring. Pearl beads, silver sequins, clear crystals and silver embroidery are appropriate decor options. The fabric is snow white only, no cream or beige hues.

The white color is:

  • airiness and lightness of the image;
  • calm and stylish aesthetic without being pompous;
  • symbol of purity, trust and tenderness;
  • protection from stress and irritation;
  • fresh appearance;
  • positive emotions of those around you.

In the spring and summer of 2021, white is one of the main favorites. Almost every collection includes a basic white dress that will look perfect together with a white gold engagement ring. And let’s not forget the most important outfit – the bride’s dress!

Pure color inserts in the engagement ring

Dreaming of buying an engagement ring with gemstones? If you want to avoid visually changing the color of the stone, choose a white gold setting. Unlike yellow and red, it doesn’t give the inlay an unwanted hue.

Stones suitable for a white gold engagement ring:

  • Fianites – colorless and all cool tones;
  • Blue and blue topazes;
  • Aquamarines;
  • Blue spinel;
  • Diamants.

The latter are most often used as an insert in an engagement ring. White gold allows you to demonstrate the impeccable characteristics of a diamond and emphasize its noble icy glow. However, for stones with a yellowish hue, it is better to choose yellow or rose gold jewelry that will hide this flaw. You can buy the best white gold rings at Use this website to find some really beautiful options.