Mortal Kombat 11 overview

Many people know Mortal Kombat from childhood – probably from two-dimensional editions, where the fighters performed digitized actors, and popping up in the corner of the screen Dan Forden falsetto exclaimed “Toasty!” after a particularly juicy uppercut. You can learn more about the game here

What should you know about Mortal Kombat 11?

Therefore, the restart of the series in 2011 was great: familiar brawlers without “extra impurities”, intuitive combat system, close to veterans plot with steep dramatic twists, old Forden in a new blouse. Mortal Kombat X, alas, again carried away by experiments that came to the liking of not everyone, and upset the fresh plot and faded most beginners. Mortal Kombat 11, on the one hand, has found a compromise between the “nine” and “ten”, but on the other – not against its own innovations. The raging fantasy, which last time brought eight new characters (not including the guys from DLC), slightly reprimanded, and some even put out the door.

There were four debutantes. They are headed by Kronika, the keeper of time, who is dissatisfied with the skewed world balance towards the Light. Madame intends to turn back time and erase Raiden from the chronicles, starting a “new era” and restoring the balance. She will be assisted by the big Geras, who has been trained in tricks over time, and the goddess Cetrion, who controls the natural elements.

Troublemakers are wreaking havoc, now carrying many of the heroes of the MK9 period: those who died irrevocably, those who were resurrected and desecrated, and those who still live and live. Brawl turns out not bad, clearly superior to the MKX, but to the level of “nine” does not reach neither the number of surprises, nor the heat. It is a shame, because it is the temporary paradoxes and layering of eras – a fertile ground for the scripting sophistication and bold decisions, especially given the end here.

The deficit of deaths in the “Battle of Death” is compensated by a spectacular production and a good sound accompaniment, and you can see from them how much they have grown over the past years. A good picture is also by the way: it seems that all the juices were squeezed out of Unreal Engine 3 in order to get quality models of heroes and a beautiful, diverse, detailed environment.

It’s a pity not everyone can enjoy the delights of MK11. According to a bad tradition, the lion’s share of PC players suffers from spontaneous departures and hangs, and a barrage of negative user ratings speaks for itself. On PlayStation 4, I was luckier, and in addition to unstable network game there were no problems in the pre-release version.

There is a second reason for customer indignation – a sizzling tangle of green, microtransactions and loot boxes. Permission to customize the appearance of the fighters (mountains of “skins”, elements of equipment, icons and other things for everyone) and filling the chests with tons of cosmetic junk, the Americans turned the search for really useful things like additional “fatality” into many days of torture or a burden for the wallet.


The last Mortal Kombat on the current generation of consoles (and probably in the current story canvas) triumphantly broke into the sales charts and set a record for the series for all its 27 years of existence.

And while the language will not turn to call the MK11 the best release in history, it’s important to emphasize that it’s a bright, deep, rich entertainment for tens of hours, which is darkened only by predictable technical problems on the PC. If you like games, we recommend you to pay attention to