Marketing strategies for 2019

There are certain innovations in the field of marketing that can help to optimize your business model and develop a modern promotion strategy. You must understand that the main components will be almost the same for all spheres of activity. After all, a law firm marketing plan will not always be very different from the marketing plan of an online store, because in both cases you need to promote the website first. But there are also some tips that can be applied much better to your field of activity. Let’s talk about some processes that can make your business much more effective in 2019.

Business automation

Machines won manual labor in the 19th century, and every owner knows what automation is and why it is needed. But, according to GetResponse, only 25−30% of companies are actively working with the automation of business processes. This is a huge mistake, because the advantages are obvious: setting up the scripts once, you can leave them for several years, and they will bring regular sales and clients.


According to IBM forecasts, by 2020 more than 2.7 million vacancies will be created for the position of analyst. That’s because analytics, automation, infrastructure support of teams (Operations) become more significant for business. Modern analytics systems allow you to bring all the data into one program and learn about almost all of the customers. And gradually, analytics becomes mandatory for any business.

CRM system

Interacting with customers, in practice we often encounter the fact that companies choose the wrong CRM or use only a part of its functions. But a competent, thoughtful implementation of a CRM system is an unconditional step into the future for business.

There is one visual world case – the introduction of CRM in the network of coffee shops Costa Coffee (UK). The project took silver at Best use of eCRM, and there is a reason. After the introduction of CRM, the coffee shop received a 2900% return on investment, and the number of visitors increased by 47%. Costa Coffee increased revenue by £ 21 million.

It seems you need to work on automation – you think. And you are right.

So what to do?

  • if there are already more than 100 clients in your business, but there is no CRM system or analytics service yet – it’s time to think about it;
  • check whether you are using all the advantages of CRM – and if not, why;
  • improve the skills of your analysts.

Buyer segmentation

Proper segmentation of the target audience can significantly increase the conversion. After all, it is not so important what you sell, it is important to whom and how. A good option would be the 5W Mark Sherrington method. Segmentation is carried out on the basis of 5 questions:

  1. What – segmentation by product: what do you offer to customers, what products or services?
  2. Who? – Consumer segmentation: who buys your product? Gender, age, place of residence, hobbies?
  3. Why? – segmentation by type of motivation to purchase: why does the customer buy the product, what problem does it solve with the help of your product?
  4. When? – segmentation by situation: when consumers want to purchase a product? For example, they want to buy a Christmas tree in December.
  5. Where – location segmentation: when does the buyer make a purchase decision?

Micro bloggers

Well-known brands are betting not only on big bloggers or leaders of opinion: more and more often companies cooperate with owners of several thousand subscribers.

The beauty of micro influencers is that they are ordinary people. You can find them on the street, go to parties, ask questions and get an honest answer. Niche bloggers are clearer to most people and perfectly meet the 2019 “face to face” trend.

All this applies to a variety of business areas, including jurisprudence. And do not forget how quickly messengers began to develop, they step by step lure people from social networks. The sooner you try to use them, the better results you can achieve.