Ideas for the best Instagram posts

Storytelling is an unusual and effective business tool for building an emotional connection with customers. After all, even if you buy instagram followers and attract a real audience, it’s even harder to keep them than it is to find them.

If you’ve decided to try out this storytelling format but don’t know where to draw inspiration from, here are some proven ideas.

  1. A Success Story. Why you chose this particular profession, what your first steps were, and what challenges awaited you as you developed your business. Tell the audience about your mistakes, but without going into boring details. You can also tell your followers about unpleasant situations with a cautionary ending. People love to hear about obstacles, but with an emphasis on a happy ending.
  2. Customer feedback. Feedback from users is very important because it reinforces a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential customers. It is desirable for the person to tell how he or she coped with difficulties using your product. This automatically gives +100 to trust.
  3. Personal Judgments. To be closer to your audience, periodically share your thoughts, experiences, dreams. For example, tell them about your desire to expand the functionality or open a branch in another country. Users need to see that you are “burning” with what you love, not just knocking money off them.
  4. The main brand character. Come up with a key character who will act as a “bridge” between you and your users. It’s always easy for a character to generate interesting situations from which he or she will ultimately emerge a winner.
  5. Employee stories. Business should be transparent and understandable. The sincere stories of the company’s employees will help to achieve such an effect. They can tell about their mistakes, successful cases and funny situations in any form.

Tips and nuances

Do you want to make the story bright, lively and memorable? Then use the following tips.

  • Introduce the story from the first words. Take pity on the reader. Every day he sees dozens of headlines and reads a lot of text, and you still have time to put a “like” and drink coffee. Do not bore the audience with a long introduction. Start the action with the first lines, and only then begin to describe the area, the characters, and so on.
  • More details. Fresh storytelling with superficial judgments is doomed to fail. To create a lively and authentic story, you need to brighten it up with details. For example, add some striking feature of the character’s appearance that makes him memorable.
  • Do not forget about the characters. In order for the story to evoke emotion, introduce a character (or better yet several). Show how the person went his way, how his views were transformed, and what reward (or punishment) the hero received in the end.
  • Give the character some disadvantages. Perfect people don’t exist, so a character (or object) without flaws probably won’t evoke any underlying emotions in your readers. If you talk about a product in your story, don’t be afraid to bring its flaws to the surface. This step will only increase the credibility of the audience.

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