How to find the best Counter-Strike team?

First you need to decide what you want from the game Counter-Strike and future team together. Then decide why you can’t (don’t want to) make a team by yourself. Your first task in finding a team is to find a leader you’re willing to follow. The captain is the soul of the team, its ideologist. In order not to constantly run from one team to another, look for a person you can trust. Do not ask for a ready staffed team. It is best to make friends with the captain and wait until you are invited to the team. 

How to prove yourself in CS:GO

Self-promotion on the sites can only help you by accident. In general, the chance is very small that right from the forum you get into a strong team. Obligatory points of your promotion are mixes. If you can, don’t miss any championships. Play as much as possible on recognized channels. Remember that those who have experience playing lan are appreciated. If you’re having a hard time getting out to lan, put an emphasis on personal skill, aim-training. Be sure to keep an eye on online championships and start looking for a mix to participate in them beforehand. If you can afford it, buy a game cs-server, it gives some advantage to be invited just you.

Buy yourself slots on famous dm-servers, there are a lot of professionals playing under fake nicknames. Thanks to CSDM you will not be invited to professional teams, of course, but if you accumulate positive stats and play regularly – you may be noticed by other participants, less well-known, but with good teams. Also don’t forget to have fun while playing the game. The best csgo case sites will help you with this.

Adequacy in Counter-Strike

Most of the players of Counter Strike are young enough and the average age of cs-community is under 20 years old. And that age often shows unhealthy ambitions and inadequate behavior. Show yourself in a good light – be calm, don’t swear, think over your words. Then your chances of getting on a good team increase significantly. Communicating in the mixes through voice services, do not shout, do not swear and do not complain (at others or at themselves), do not call opponents cheaters. Do not get distracted during the game, give more information to those who are with you in the same team, concentrate. 

Team communication in Counter-Strike

Some players say his skill and shooting put him at the top of the rankings; others are of the opinion that their thorough knowledge of the game’s physics is to blame. However, many pro players lose sight of one of the most important factors in Counter-Strike team play – communication. Communication in your CS team is not just an abstract concept, it is the basis of the whole team game. You can’t be called a team unless you show quality teamwork, and to do that you need to know your fellow players well, understand how they think and what their plans are. The best way for this understanding is for them to voice their own thoughts and actions before they commit.

That’s the whole point of proper communication–to give the most important information in the shortest possible time. Each of the players has probably been on a team with some kind of silent or crazy chatterbox who won’t shut up. Both characters (the silent one and the chatterbox) show you how not to communicate in your Counter-Strike team. So how do you find the usefulness boundary of your team communication? Very simple: analyze what you’re communicating to your teammates-does your information help you all win a round? Why shout your emotions into the airwaves if you’ve already been killed and you’re not happy? Your whining and indignation won’t help the surviving fighters.

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