Gift Cards for Netflix

The streaming service Netflix, unlike traditional Internet television, not only broadcasts third-party productions, but also shoots its own. And the newly added to the collection content becomes available worldwide at the same time, rather than one by one, as is usually the case.

By the way, TV series and multi-part shows are also released here for whole seasons at once. You can get access to Netflix gift cards here


Netflix is a video service, which collected about ten thousand movies and TV series of absolutely different subjects. The user can view any available movie. The head of the company, Reed Hastings, along with his buddy Mark Randolph, founded Netflix in 1997. Initially, the hosting was supposed to send out various DVD movies directly through the mail. After that venture, however, the buddies decided to keep only a monthly subscription because the vendors went on strike. After that, Netflix became such a popular hosting service that it started gaining about 7 million subscribers. However, that number has now increased as hosting has launched in more than 130 countries around the world.

Many users don’t understand why this site is so popular not only in the US market, but also in other countries. In fact, it has its own twist. It consists in the fact that Netflix orders the whole series. What this means is that the user doesn’t have to wait several years for a series to come out. Once the company has announced that a series is coming out, you should expect it to come out in its entirety at once. There won’t be one episode a week coming out, just the whole format. That’s why everyone loves Netflix so much.

Features of the program setup

Naturally, using Netflix costs money. The service provides three types of subscriptions, which differ in the set of available features:

  1. Basic plan – 7.99 euros. This includes the ability to watch programs on only one screen at a time, an unlimited number of shows and the ability to cancel at any time;
  2. Standard – 9.99 euros. To the features of the basic tariff is added simultaneous viewing from two screens and HD quality;
  3. Premium – 11,99 euro. Without any restrictions. Watch your favorite TV shows in HD and Ultra-HD quality with playback on up to 4 screens simultaneously.

New users can test the operation of the program for one month and during this period to decide on the appropriate type of subscription. As you can see, the cost of subscription is affordable. It does not exceed the price of our usual cable TV packages. Plus, you get a library of guaranteed quality content, which is always interesting to watch, rather than a hundred different channels with eternal commercials and incomprehensible programs.

Netflix guarantees your privacy and only ties your subscription to a real person’s name. You will need to link your bank card to your page to verify your identity. The first month it will not be charged, but a minimum amount (up to $1) may be temporarily frozen. This is needed to make sure you are not a bot, but a real person. If you’re looking for the perfect gift card, check out