Briefly about hockey

There are hardly any people who have not heard of ice hockey and have never once watched this spectacle at least occasionally. If you are a beginner, you can read all sorts of information here. In this article we will briefly summarize the most important rules of ice hockey.

Each hockey team puts six players on the ice, one of them the goalie. The total number of team members may be more than twenty, and each of them has the opportunity to take to the ice during the game. Because of the intense nature of the competition, all athletes except the goalkeeper change after one minute in the game. According to the rules, the match should last only an hour, and is divided into three parts of twenty minutes with 15-minute breaks in between. After the breaks, the teams play on the opposite side of the field. If there is a tie at the end of net playing time, extra time is given or the winner is determined by penalty kicks.

Hockey player equipment necessarily includes protective pads and helmets, as it is often dangerous on the ice and fist fights occur, for which penalties of five minutes are imposed. Although many fans see in such scuffles a special charm and consider them almost a necessary component of a good game.

The main attribute of the game is that the puck has a small size, quickly passed between the players and therefore easily lost from sight. In order for the spectators not to miss the goal, the signal lights flash behind the goal. It is forbidden to kick a goal, although it is difficult to do so effectively on the ice.

It is forbidden to hold the stick above the shoulder, for this the offender will receive a penalty of up to five minutes. For harsh play and violation of the rules a player may be suspended for the entire game.

Olympic Games

Every four years the whole world waits for an extremely important event in the sporting world – the Winter or Summer Olympic Games. A description of all the events and achievements of the games can be found at.

All teams from different countries make long and serious preparations for this event. Each opening ceremony of the games is more colorful and spectacular than the previous one. The country hosting the games, tries to provide the most comfortable conditions for the accommodation of athletes and numerous teams of fans, without the support of which it can be difficult. And of course, the most important task is to professionally prepare the competition venues. For the Winter Games, these are tracks with perfect snow coating for skiers and biathletes, ice arenas for speed skaters, figure skaters and curling, chutes for bobsleigh, and jumps for jumping. 

Summer games also have a huge number of fans. A large list of competitions on water, track and field, wrestling, shooting, ball games gives everyone the opportunity to spend unforgettable Olympic days, and share the excitement of winning favorite athletes. In addition to the main games there are also youth and Paralympic games. Getting an Olympic medal is the most coveted achievement for an athlete, which sometimes takes many years of preparation.