Anthelmintic drugs

Antiparasitic drugs are medicines aimed at getting rid of “unwanted guests” (worms, microorganisms, insects). Parasites that affect humans fall into two categories: ectoparasites living on the body (lice, ticks), and endoparasites that have adapted to exist within the body (ascarids, etc.). Depending on the species that affected the human body, a cure for parasites is selected, which you can find here .

Symptoms of human helminthic infestation

Helminths weaken the immune system, absorb nutrients necessary for normal functioning of human organ systems, poison tissues with toxic products of their vital functions, provoke mini-bleeding in the organs in which they are introduced. You should not ignore the use of antiparasitic drugs when prescribing a doctor. There are a number of symptoms that may lead to suspected infection of the body with helminths:

  1. aggressiveness, irritability, tearfulness, problems with concentration;
  2. diarrhea, alternating constipation, nausea, vomiting, bloating abdomen, itching in the anal region;
  3. pains in the navel and right foothills after taking a course of medication for parasites;
  4. headaches, dizziness, increased body temperature, insomnia, nightmares, chronic fatigue;
  5. muscle and joint pains, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the genitals;
  6. swelling, cough, rhinitis, stuffy nose, asthma, bronchitis, maxillary sinusitis, stomatitis;
  7. nail brittleness, hair loss, dry skin, rashes, itching, cracks in the feet, etc.

The worms go through different stages of their development and leave their mark in different human organs. To cope with these unpleasant symptoms, medicines for parasites help.

Medicines for the prevention of parasites

Such measures should be taken to prevent worm infestation:

  1. regularly wash your hands, do not touch your face, do not bite your nails;
  2. change daily underwear before and after sleep;
  3. regularly wash in a boiling mode and iron the bed linen;
  4. in the presence of pets, regularly “deworm” them;
  5. thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, do not drink dirty water;
  6. well heat treated meat, fish.

On the use of medicines for parasites in the human body for prevention and without research, doctors’ opinions differ. Some believe that everyone has helminths, and if there are no pronounced symptoms of intoxication – no need to use antiparasitic drugs. Others say that it is necessary to buy regularly in a pharmacy and drink some broad-based medicine, not giving helminths a chance to reproduce and poison human life in the literal sense.

Some doctors recommend taking a medicine for parasites only after a thorough examination (in medical labs feces, blood are donated). Others insist that it is not always possible to detect traces of helminths: they migrate through the body, passing from one stage of development to another. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct periodic preventive “cleansing” once in six months, especially if we are talking about a person with low immunity, a small child, families with animals in the house, etc.

Everyone decides with his or her doctor whether it is advisable to take medication against parasites in the human body for prevention purposes. Sometimes, body intoxication is mistaken for chronic diseases of the skin, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and for years is treated for the wrong reason. The correct dosage of antiparasitic drugs can get rid of these diseases, if the cause was worm intoxication. If there are symptoms and a positive laboratory test, the treatment should be started immediately. You can find quality medicines for worms and not only in a modern, reliable Drug Store.