It’s your time to shine.

Let Sapphire Communications help you shine so you can spend time focusing on what makes you great.

Marketing and public relations. Simplified.

A Constant Contact survey of small business owners revealed the following:

  • Small business owners and employees spend 33 hours per week on marketing activities
  • More than two-thirds of small business owners claim they do not have enough time in their day to complete all they need to do, plus marketing
  • Small business owners claim an hour of their time is worth an average of $273 

Sound familiar? Consider what it takes to operate your company. Marketing takes up quite a bit of that time – time you don’t have. Sapphire Communications can help. We offer affordable marketing communication and public relations services that save you both time and money. Our consulting services are straightforward and easy to understand. 

Think of Sapphire as your company’s own marketing or public relations director. We focus on small businesses and have experience in numerous industries, including aviation, automotive, motorsports, and non-profits. We offer the same personalized attention to small projects as we do to larger ones, making you feel like we’re part of your staff.

Operating your business is simpler with Sapphire. Contact us today.